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Amuse yourself:

Blogs that deserve more attention:

Prosopagnosia - Dr. PK's descent into madness, and the lives he saves along the way;
The Dust Congress - Great poetry, indie rock, and ephemera from the counter-culture, updated daily;
The Maclamity - From Belgium, RM documented "the news that stays, reported live." Defunct;
SuomiTalvi - In Finland, EC tells it like it is;
The Moko - JP tells you more than you wanted to know about candy;


Pitchfork - it's a juggernaut, what can you say?
Stylus - occasionally great features;
AllMusic - whatever you want to know;

Arts & Literature: - more later;
All Wear Bowlers - Laurel & Hardy's existential crisis;


The Sam Park Revue - ah, such sweet times we had;
The Wooden Robot - CA, SY and crew keep the hijinksian spirit alive;
Achewood - Your stuffed animals are more interesting than you;
SuomiTalvi - In Finland, EC tells it like it is;


Distilled - making the world a better place;


BLAH- blah,blah;
BLAHBLAH - blah,blah,blah;


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Edify yourself:


TalkingPointsMemo - great news reporting and commentary from the center-left;

Culture & Commentary : - solid across the board;
Arts & Literature Daily - if you want to be smarter;
The Informed Reader - if you want to be smarter than RM;


Slashdot - an old standard;
Engadget- for all the new gadgetry;


WorldWatch - reliable;
World Resources Institute - also reliable;

Economics & Policy:

Redefining Progress - SF-based progressive think tank;

Doing Good : - peer-to-peer micro-lending, or, the BEST new idea around; a must see;


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BLAHBLAH - blah,blah,blah;


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